Convert a String of XML to a DOM Object with jQuery

The xmlDOM jQuery plugin takes a string of XML and converts it into an XML DOM object for use with jQuery.

jQuery Plugin Methods

The xmlDOM plugin adds the following jQuery method:

  • $.xmlDOM()


Here's an example of how it works

var xml = '<item><title>Hello world!</title></item>';
$.xmlDOM( xml )
    .find('item > title')
        .each(function() {
            // Alert's 'Hello world!'
            alert( $(this).text() );
Run the example!


The xmlDOM plugin provides the $.xmlDOM(xml string, error callback) method that accepts two arguments: the string to convert and an optional callback method that is triggered if an error occurs. $.xmlDOM() will return a jQuery object containing the XML DOM. Here is an example:

var xmlString = '<item><title>Hello world!</title></item>';
var $dom = $.xmlDOM(xmlString, function(error) {
    alert('A parse error occurred! ' + error);
$dom.find('item > string');

There are two methods for capturing errors. The first is a callback provided at execution time. If a callback isn't provided then a xmlParseError event is triggered on the document object. You may capture and respond to the event as follows:

$(document).bind('xmlParseError', function(event, error) {
    alert('A parse error occurred! ' + error);


The xmlDOM jQuery Plugin is dual licensed under the MIT or GPL licenses.


xmlDOM 1.0 Released 2009-04-06

Tested against: jQuery 1.3.2, Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3.x, Opera 9.63


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